Rubber expansion joints

Rubber expansion joints are elastic rubber bellows manufactured by winding rubber mixtures to a predefined shape, which are then vulcanized together with textile fibres and reinforcement rings. Rubber expansion joints are used in various industries, mainly in:
  • chemical
  • energy industry – nuclear, hydroelectric and thermal power stations
  • food industry
  • paper industry
  • construction
Their main function is to absorb motion, vibration, pressure, thermal dilatation, and to reduce and damp noise in operation. Compared to metal compensators, their main advantage is the resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Another advantage seems to be its cost, easy maintenance and installation of the expansion joints in comparison with other compensation units.
In comparison to the metal joints, there is the indisputable benefit of their higher mobility due to the adaptability and flexibility. Selection of a suitable type of rubber expansion joint depends on various factors, mainly on the medium which flows through, the temperature, pressure, range of motion and other operating conditions. For further technical information, please do not hesitate to contact us.