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Rubber expansion joints are mainly used for compensating thermal dilatation, absorption of various motions, vibration and noise damping. This is the reason why these products are made ​​from different materials and are available with various accessories, depending on the field of their application.

From our product portfolio you can choose different types of rubber expansion joints:

with self-sealing rubber bulges

RC 10 - RC 11 - RC 20 - RC 21

Rubber sleeve with a single arch


Cylindrical rubber sleeve without arch


with full faced rubber flanges and single arch

RC S1 - RC 30 - RC 31 - RC 40

with multiple arch

RC S2 - RC S3 - RC S4

with conical bellows


with embedded reinforcement ring

RC S1 - RC S2 - RC S3 - RC S4
RC 50 - RC 51

with filled arch

RC S1 - RC S2 - RC S3 - RC S4

Rubber hoses with full faced rubber flanges


Our company is the manufacturer of rubber expansion joints has the use of the following materials:

Rubber expansion joints can be supplied with metal accessories such as motion damper, which serves to limit the motion, the forces in the pipes and maintain the most stable operation. Another metal element of rubber expansion joints is flange and counter flange including fasteners. We are able to supply all metal accessories with regard to the requirements of the buyer.

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